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Swim Mastery

The Swim Mastery is the complete swim training, together with water safety program designed for beginners to get started in swimming and for the intermediate and advanced to level up their swimming results.

In the Swim Mastery you will get full access to over a decade of knowledge and results from our physical swimming program, life-saving skills, swimming stroke correction, and more, all shared exclusively to you weekly together with our dedicated coach.


Coach is very experienced with young age teaching, know how to attract attention when kids lose focus and very patient in guiding and teaching.

Shan Shan

Corporate Reporting Manager, Repsol Oil & Gas Malaysia Berhad

Our coach is professional in teaching us with various swimming and survival skills. I’m very thankful to our coach in giving his full patience in guiding and encouraging us.

Shirly Chow

Business Development Executive, Benalec Holdings Berhad

I am really happy I can swim! Thanks to the professionalism and patience of coach from Swim Life Academy, now I am more confident in the water. 

Yiing Miin

Engineer, SNA Consult Sdn Bhd



The System Which Has Successfully Transformed Many Students Who Are:

6 Months Old → 3 Years Old

4 Years Old → 12 Years Old

13 Years Old → 70 Years Old

It’s Also The Same System That Has Transformed More Than, 10,000 Students, And For More Than 10 Years.


You’ll discover the joy of being in the water, withOUT feeling overwhelmed when you learn each step. 

The simplest and most clear learning steps breakdown you’ve ever experience, guiding you the EXACT steps to feel calm around the water and EVEN feel safe and comfortable. 

Motherly-hearted teaching approach to maximise your water confidence, plus getting tangible and replicable results EVERY time you enter the water. ✅


Pre Training, getting small wins BEFORE submerging your whole body underwater, so you’ll have full confidence before dipping in. 

Simple, proven methods to stay relaxed underwater and the RIGHT way to feel your buoyancy in the water. 

FUN learning environments and activities underwater, to keep you engaged and feel the WONDERment underwater, together with specific positive reinforcements to make YOU feel encouraged to learn more. 


Demolishing any myth you heard, that you can never float by yourself independently, and learning the RIGHT way to float for a long period. 

You’ll find out how to float independently, that requires minimal to no physical or mental effort. 

Complete guidance, increasing your water confidence to the NEXT level and building your courage towards swimming independently. 


Maximising your water safety by discovering the INSTANT methods to enter and exit the water, even without using any ladder. ✅

Developing the fundamental water survival skill – Water Treading, so that you can keep your head ABOVE the surface, while body in a vertical position. 

Practical Drownproofing Skills to keep you SAFE from extreme conditions and environments. 


Transitioning to swimming strokes, delivering you the simplest form swimming steps that are backed by SCIENTIFIC principles. 

Mastering the SIMPLE techniques used by olympic swimmers, to swim the distance with ONLY minimal efforts. 

Begin the journey of swimming laps and learning ALL 4 swimming strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke & Butterfly), as well as tumble turn, dive start, finishing and more to come! 



“The truth is, I nearly drowned & swimming saved my life.”

– Tory Yew –

When I was a kid, I had an almost drowning experience, and I became fearful of the water.

As a result, I became avoidance of the water, and l did not learn how to swim until I become an adult.  

Things changed dramatically when I started to overcome my challenge towards the water, by going to the swimming pool almost every day in a week.

A few months and years later, I saw a massive improvement in my self-esteem, saw positive changes in many areas of my life. I am no longer afraid of the water anymore.

Today, I’m a certified swimming instructor, and running a swimming academy with a team of coaches that has over 10 years of experience, taught in more than 10 international schools, and influencing the lives of more than 10,000 students.  

When I started out as a total newbie in swimming, having little to no swimming experience that I had, I did terribly. 

I always had the impression that water would enter into my nose, worse still, I would feel as if the water has entered my brain through the nose.

With the heart and intention to improve, I have learned from SEA games medalist, and also former national swim coach. And with the skillset I have discovered from these swim experts, I am now able to serve my students at the highest level.

I believe that we all are meant to be safe around the water, and able to swim. I am super excited to see people overcome the fear of water because my life changed dramatically through swimming and I know you are looking for a transformational change as well.



– Introduction

– Expectation

– Swim Skills Levels

– Learning Outcomes


– Basic Water Skills

– Water Confidence

– Submersion

– Floatation


– Paddle & Kick

– Rotation Kick

– Sculling

– Water Treading

– BreastKick On Back

– Side & Scissors Kick


– Beginner Swim Mastery Level 1

– Beginner Swim Mastery Level 2


– Intermediate Swim Stroke Phase 1

– Intermediate Swim Stroke Phase 2

– Intermediate Swim Stroke Phase 3


– Advanced Stroke Training Phase 1

– Advanced Stroke Training Phase 2

– Swim Start Technique Training

– Underwater Technique Training

– Turning Technique Training 


– Water Safety Workshop

– Water Safety Awareness

– Environmental Water Survival

– Effective Life Saving Skills

– Drowning Symptoms Identification


✅ 12 Weeks Swim Mastery MasterClass (Private Lessons) – RM1,797 Value

✅ Water Safety Essential Workshop – RM747 Value

Extra 3 People LEARN FOR FREE (Family Sharing Upgrade)  – RM1,197 Value

✅ Swim Achievements Accelerator Mentorship – RM447 Value

✅ Performance-oriented Progression Report (F2F) – RM297 Value

✅ Full Program Modules Access Up To Advanced Level – RM197 Value

Swimming Roadmap For All Ages – RM97 Value

Priority Support – RM147 Value


Ok, Ok… I can understand this seems like a lot of money…
 and also a lot of value!

But due to the pandemic… We are willing to make it…


And.. I Am Going To Guarantee It!!


Begin your first Swim Mastery MasterClass with us, start your journey of swimming and water safety…

If you are not overjoyed with the program, if this program does not help you to become more water safe, overcome your fear of water, or you still cannot swim, and still do not get the results you desired, we will teach you for free until you know how to swim…

Terms & conditions apply


For A Limited Time Only…


Get Started Now


You can get in and have FULL & unrestricted access to EVERYTHING, all 5 steps proven system, the weekly coaching, extra 3 more people learn for free for  Swim Mastery MasterClass AND, immediately for just RM499/month.

Yes, just RM499 for the SAME exact stuff that others paid no less than RM5,000 for.

You basically get RM5,000 worth of stuff… for FREE once you get inside.

Please click below ASAP to reserve your spot.


Remaining spots is low as of 28 Jan, 2022
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P.S. In case you’re one of those people who just skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal: 

Our Swim Mastery MasterClass is guaranteeing you swimming results, which have been tested and proven on many students before, over a period of 10 years.

We guarantee you to be able to swim by the end of the Swim Mastery MasterClass, if not we teach for free until you are able to.


P.P.S This super value offer is a very limited offer because we have only had slots for a limited number of individuals. Once it’s full, we may not offer it again and not sure how much we’ll be charging for the program. So act now and get your special offer!

There is no “catch” to this offer. There are no hidden costs or anything like that.


P.P.P.S I’m so confident this program will have a profound impact on your swimming journey, that if it doesn’t provide you with any value at all, let us know and we will refund you.

Click here to register now.

You won’t regret it.

”My daughters progress well and they can swim now! And I thought they could never do well in swimming, because initially they didn’t progress well from another academy.”

“It is one of the best decisions ever by joining Swim Life Academy! I feel more confident in water now and my swimming skills are improving.”

”For many years, I’ve been trying to teach my wife to overcome the fear of water, but it never worked. Thanks to coach, my wife completely overcome the fear now.”

”I used to have water phobia and I didn’t think that I would be able to swim one day, but thanks to coach, I can swim full laps on a lap pool now.”

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