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Swim Life Academy is an effective and professional coaching company dedicated to training children and adults to become confident swimmers for life.

Our certified instructors with over 12 years of experience have successfully trained fearful beginners to become lovers of water and even state swimmers. By applying accelerated learning principles specially tailored for each level, we ensure consistent progress and guaranteed quality results within a short time span.

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We believe that every person should enjoy the benefits of swimming. Swimming strengthens both physical and mental health. We believe that even those who are fearful of swimming must become lovers of the sport. We ensure strict professionalism in our coaching and use the finest methods to motivate our students to become expert swimmers. Our instructors have over 12 years of experience and have worked with many schools in Malaysia. Their methods have resulted in many adults and kids lose apprehensions and become accomplished swimmers in a short period. We provide individual attention wherever required.

We offer our swimming classes at various locations in Malaysia. We take care to ensure that our locations are easily accessible and offer the best environment for swimming classes. We ensure that the pools are maintained very well. Kids can safely come for training as our coaches practice the best safety methods when teaching swimming to kids. They are adept at handling children and making them comfortable in the pool. We offer customized training programs for those who need them. We also offer private swimming classes at your place of convenience. Our instructors are ready to be there at your time of convenience.

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