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Swim Life Academy has been training adults and kids in swimming for more than ten years now. Those who have joined our training programs have benefited much from our experienced instructors. Our instructors are friendly and helpful. They will pay attention to the needs of every person and ensure that they become experts in swimming. Kids are treated with extra care by them so that they lose the fear of water and start swimming happily.

We use the best training methods suitable for learners of all types. Our program is meant to make people feel comfortable in the water and enjoy their swimming. Our training methods undergo refinement as and when we see ways to make our students more comfortable. Swim Life Academy has trained over ten thousand swimmers and we are happy to say that every one of them will vouch for our program and instructors.

Our swimming class for adults is conducted for anyone above the age of thirteen. We can turn even people with fear for water to expert swimmers. Our swimming lessons help people lead a healthy life as this is the best exercise that gives work for all the muscles.

Children who attend the swimming classes for kids at Swim Life Academy like their friendly instructor. They get enough time to practice well. The pools are large enough for kids to have space. The classes are not crowded so that every student gets the individual attention of the trainers.



You can learn swimming at any age. But many adults are not very comfortable about going for swimming lessons.



Kids are natural swimmers and will take to water like adults can’t. It has been seen that even toddlers can swim in the water if they are forced out.


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