When the time is to go to the pool, then you may begin trying to figure out the fun things to do in it with your kid. Even though the pool itself means entertainment for you and your kid, but will be better to make your kid have fun in a new pool game that will benefit his swimming skills. Letting your kid enjoy a pool game will help him building endurance, growth, and improvement in water safety. Also, this will let him feel comfy inside the water.

The swimming lesson in PJ includes a lot of pool games to make it fun for your kid. Apart from this, alongside making your kid learn swimming, you can also enroll in swimming classes for adults to know more about it.

Here are some of the pool games that you can make your kid play for a more entertaining experience.

1. Red Light – Green Light:

This game requires you to have a kickboard and begin with a side of the pool being a parent; you need to call red light, yellow light, and then green light to make him stop, slow and fast, kicking on relevant lights. The goal of this game is to begin from one end of the pool and to reach the other end.

This game helps the kid to develop strong and fast kicks to have proper body position in the water.

2. Writing Exercises on Ping Pong Balls:

Get yourself a few ping pong balls and mention on its some fun swim exercises. Place the balls into a cup and make your kid pick one ball out and make that activity mention on it. This will make your kid comfy inside the water and good in a lot of skills at a time.

You can write these activities on the balls;

  • Swim to another end of the pool doing a certain stroke
  • Throw ball far in the pool and make them swim to get in a couple of minutes
  • Jumping in the pool for collecting toys, bobs, or scavenger hunting at the bottom of the pool

3. Streamlining Through Hula Hoop:

Grab a hula hoop and place it underneath the water. Give your kid the goal to streamline through it without getting touched to the hoop. To make it rewarding for your kid, add a toy to the end of the hoop. This activity will make your kid learn breath control, propulsion, practicing competitive swimming techniques, and independent swimming.

As your kid is streamlining through the hula hoop, you need to ensure that their eyes are straight at the bottom of the pool.

4. Superman Bobs:

In this activity, there is no equipment needed; you need to make your kid begin by standing on the bottom of the pool. It will become ideal if they are standing in the shallow end of the pool to touch the bottom. You need to make your kid jump straight up from the bottom of the pool in a tight streamline submerging out from the water. The goal of this activity is to try the kid to reach higher and higher out of the water.

This makes the kid prepare and push the walls potentially and becoming comfy in a vertical position.

Final Words:

These are some of the best games that you can make your kid play in the swimming pool. The swimming lesson in PJ allows kids to play a lot of games to learn new skills every day. Moreover, if you don’t know swimming yourself, then getting enrolled into swimming class for adults is something great. Don’t miss the chance and get into the pool to make your body active.

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