Building A Career, Impacting The Others,

& Living A Fulfilling Life.

We are looking for individuals with the passion and dedication, in the Swimming Transformational Work for young students and adults, to join our fast growing, dynamic and fun-loving team of instructors!

People Empowerment

In Swim Life Academy, we believe in empowering everyone to live a better life. People empowerment is at the very core of Swim Life Academy. Doesn’t matter what background you come from, we treat you with our open heart, as if you are our family. We respect everyone the same, regardless of how early or how long you serve in the swimming industry.

Even if you don’t have any experience to begin with, or even don’t have the courage the speak up at the beginning. We would coach from where are you from to where your best potential can be.

Family Culture

Your presence matters in the company, and we appreciate each and every individual in the family. We often organising monthly gathering and activities to keep our family bonding strong. 

We also will have free makan-makan every month, to celebrate the birthday baby of the month while we are enjoying the great foods, together with all the coaches whom we call the family. 

Impacting Lives Positively

We teach our students the same way we teach our coaches also, even in our in-house training, all our trainings are conducted in fun, and engaging way. So that everyone who is with us, enjoys the learning process and retain the skills effectively.

All our coaches are impacted positively, through a safe environment, where everyone grows together as a team, and everyone is safe to express the ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to everyone within the Swim Life Family.

Living A Fulfilling Life

With all the teachings and coaching that we deliver to our students, it means something to our students, but it also means a lot more to us. Guiding and handholding the students one by one, to transform where they used to be, and where they can be, is truly a fulfilling experience as a teacher or a coach. Seeing the student grows lesson by lesson, and knowing that you are the cause of that, is an experience that money cannot buy.

We love transforming the lives of our coaches, so our coaches would create a transformational swimming experiences to the students in return. Repeating the cycle of impacting the lives positively, and living a meaningful life of fulfilment, is what we get to do everyday.

Feel Like YOU Want To Be Part of The Family?


Penang Trip 

Enjoy the famous nasi kandar~

Going up up to the penang hill!

Once we reach the hill, we pattern a bit

Ok 1 more swimming pattern

Nigel found a treasure!

Ipoh chicken rice otw to kl

Sunway Lagoon Trip

Let’s take a photo before playing!

The cool cool gang

We jalan first ok, bye bye

Here we go little doughnut!

Ok it was quite fun~

ATV Time, vrooooom!

Team Photos

SLA signature pose

Dry swim is possible here!

We are “a bit” crazy sometimes

CNY makan-makan

Practical training session

And we go hiking sometimes 

Feel Like YOU Want To Be Part of The Family?

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