Terms & Conditions

Registration & Payment

After registration, we will reserve your booking for seven days. Payment must be made within these seven days to confirm the reserved slot.


1-2 week before the end of your program, we will send you a renewal message. If you wish to continue in the current program with the same instructor, confirmation and payment within seven days will be required.

Swimming Lesson
  • Private lessons must be completed within the validity timeframe. (5 weeks for 4 lessons package, 10 weeks for 8 lessons package), or the lessons that are remaining may be forfeited.
  • Group lessons will not have any replacement class for absenteeism. 
  • Lessons may carry on under condition of drizzling rain.
  • If the pool is closed due to bad weather, or temporal closure due to water safety, the instructor will be on standby, and will continue the lesson when the pool is deemed safe for swimming.
  • In such cases when the pool cannot be used, the lesson will be carried on in the form of swimming-based land drills exercise, educating on theory of water safety, or a Q&A session.
  • If the lesson is conducted at swimming pool of your condo, you may need to check with the management office if there is any paperwork required for us to assist you with.
  • If the condo’s management requires any deposit and/or payment for the parking fees, the student will need to cover the amount.
  • If there are any charges for parking, the student will need to bear that amount.
  • Lessons postponement, due to bad weather, will need to inform the instructor at least 2 hours before the lesson.
  • Lessons postponement, due other other reasons, will need to inform the instructor at least 2 hours before the lesson.
  • The failure to inform the instructor in time may result in relevant charges being applied.
  • The possibility of a replacement lesson due to postponement will be subjected to the instructor’s availability.
Lesson Grouping

Minimum group lesson size is three students, If the lesson has fall below three students, we will suggest you to join an alternative class instead. We will do our best to have the lesson timing as similar as possible, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this all the time. We will try to give you a notice as early as possible, if this results in a change of your lesson day, time or venue.

Replacement Lesson

Private Lesson:

There won’t be any additional replacement lesson for absentees or postpone of lesson requested by student, as we have already included replacement in our private program, for such purpose. 

Group Lesson:

There won’t be any replacement lesson for absentees, because in a group lesson setting of six to eight students, it may be challenging for other students or parents to rearrange their schedule to fit in other replacement lesson timings.

Relief of Instructor

Swim Life Academy reserved the right to cancel (with the fees not chargeable), postpone, or send a relief instructor if your lesson coach is unable to conduct the lesson on that day.

Media Release

By attending the lessons, you agree to allow Swim Life Academy to utilise all forms of media taken during our lessons as our marketing materials.


You may request a refund by informing us at least seven days before the start of, or up to seven days after payment (whichever is earlier).

If the request is made less than seven days before the first lesson, or after seven days elapsed from the payment date, the refund amount will only be 50%.

If the first lesson has commenced (regardless of attendance), there will strictly be no refund.


This session is only applicable for students who have signed up for Buy 1 Free 3 program.

Swimming lesson of the above program, can start any day within 90 days after payment is made. Please be aware of the validity period for your program – Maximum 2 postponements only & No individual replacement.

Validity period would start effectively upon the first day of swimming lesson.


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